The cat scratch -A scary game

The cat scratch game

Cat scratch game:

The cat scratch game involves a victim and a story teller(discussed in details) reciting a creepy catscratch story or poem while rubbing the temples of the victim.

The harm caused is not much ,but still precaution is mandatory.

The curiosity of the outcomes from the paranormal scary games includes all the spooky and creepy rituals and are mostly admired by fear lovers.

Every paranormal game like the catscratch game is famous with its own "danger" and "charm". 

Some  games are so dangerous ,you may have the effect even after few days after you play that game(closet game) and some  can even kill you in the long run.

This cat game is related to paranormal activity though but the danger factor is not much invisible as compared to other games.

 Scratch cat game is simple to perform and is a game performed in sleepovers, mostly common among the teenager's and youtubers.

 Cat scratch game-alternative names

On the basic of your geographical location the cat scratch game is known by these two names in the whole world:

1. The black scratch 
2. Cat scratches.
3.Cat scratch horror game

Requirement of this game:

1.  One pillow 
2. A dark silent  room( perform this game at night ,for better result)

Number of players:

Minimum number of player required for this game is 2, whereas more than 2 player can take part in this scary cat games.

How to play cat scratch :Paranormal game

If you are wondering how to play cat scratch or scratches,let me tell you it is too easy,you just have to keep few things in mind,listed below.

Also,follow these instructions for better outcomes from the game.

This game mostly involve 2 players, suppose lets say ,

Player 1: The story teller ( read down for the scary stories)

Player 2: the victim ,to whom the soul of the cat will get summoned and leave marks(scratches)

Note: If more than two players are involved in this game , they can sit in circle (silently)around the player 1 and player 2

How to play cat scratches:In short

The cat scratch scary game

Step 1:
Player 1( the story teller)will  have to sit down on the floor will legs folded and the pillow placed in his or her lap.

Step 2:
Player 2( the victim) will have to lie on the floor with his or her head placed in the pillow of player 1(story teller)

The rest of the players taking part ,can sit in circle around the two main players ,player 1 and player 2.

Step 3:
Player 2 will have to close his eyes and lie still ,while  player 1 have to rub the temples of player 2 gently and smoothly ,parallely reciting one catscratch game poem among these two.

Read the catscratch game story twice with loud voice and see the result.

1st creepy cat scratch poem:Cat scratch story part 1(refer to the image or para provided below)

There once was an old lady who owned a cat.
The cat was very nice.
It meowed and purred.
One day,the cat got hit by a car and died.
Cat scratch,cat scratch,cat scratch

The first story is short.

Follow the instruction
1.Tell this story clearly and loudly.
2.You must say it twice.
3.The story must reach properly to the victim.

2nd creepy cat scratch poem:Cat scratch story part 2(please refer to the image provided below)

You are walking through a dark alley late at night
You are the only one there
The ground is slick with rain
The alley is filled with garbage cans and litter.
But then you hear something
A movement in the garbage cans.
You pick up your pace.
You want to get out of the alley fast.
But then you see something
Red eyes,Glowing red cat eyes
They are the eyes of an enormous cat
You run but the cat chases you and jumps on you
It scratches you one,two,three
Cat scratch,cat scratch,cat scratch.

The 2nd story is a bit longer as compared to the first story.

Follow the instruction(instruction are same for both the stories)
1.Tell this story clearly and loudly.
2.You must say it twice.
3.The story must reach properly to the victim.

The outcomes:

As soon as player 1(story teller) finishes telling the one of the story from the above ,once ,the player 2 (the victim) should stand on this leg immediately and remove his shirt.
There must be 3light  red scratches of paws ,similar to a cat ,on the back of player 2(the victim) without his  prior sense.

Possible theories:

To most of the  common people the actual reason of this scratches  on the back of the player taking part in the game without any sensible sences appears due to the liyeing on the floor for few mins(you will probably observe if you lie on a hard surface foe long you will get marks on your skin) ,while to others it appear  as the spirit of the cat summoned on the victim (player 2) on listening the story from  the story teller (player 1) and caused those scratches.
As this story anger the soul of that cat😈.

Scratch cat game experiences:

Experience 1:When I was in my 9th standard, me and my group of friend(6 friends including me) tried this game in a weekends.Interestingly,When the ritual was tried on me there was not even a slight scratch.Oviously, like the others I strated to think ritual,fake.
But my one of my friend,didnot lose hope and asked to try on him.We gone through the ritual in that same dark room.And when he removed his t-shirt, here were 3 pinkish scratches.
Me and my 5 friends were shocked seeing the experince and started wondering what did we missed in case of mine, that the ritual failed to work.

Experince 2:One of my neighbour kid tried this game after listenning from  a friend.They were 3 in total.As instructed they did everything right, and everything was going fine.When they reached to the final outcomes,there were really deep scratch marks.Blood was peeping out of the scartches.Usally there is no record in the internet found about such deep scartch after playing the game.
They told me about the situation and came to know, the kid which got scaratched badly,used to hate cats and he always beat and tortured the cats available in our colony.And I keep thinking, is it really because of that or something else is behind this ?


In some cases the outcomes of this game is prominently observable(3 scratches),but in some cases the outcomes can be  totally nil.
This can be due to this reasons:
1. The story telling part was not done properly-may be the words of the stories were not clear.
2.The players involved in the game ,may have disturbed the dark scary environment.
3.the fear factor 👹was missing-to get this worked properly you and your fellow players must gave faith from heart with a fear factor in your soul for a prominent result.

Danger :

 Though paranormal games or sites  do have danger more or less ,but in case of the cat scratch game ,the possibility of danger is quite low💀,as compared to other  paranormal games.


Popular results found on internet related to this game .

These group of few friends worked together to play in game and they were finally able to get the scary cat game working .

FAQ related to cat scratch game

1.How do you play the cat scratch game?

A-To play the cat scratch,follow these steps:

1.Arrange a partner for you,as you need two player in total to play this game
2.One player will be story teller and the other will be victim.
3.The story teller will rub the temples of the victim,chanting a spooky story twice.
4.The victim have to reveal the back ,and will find 3 scratches over there.

2.Is it okay, if a cat scraches you?

a-In some cases it is not fatal playing this game,but sometimes it can be risky,so better to contact a doctor.

3.why are cat scratches so bad?

a-Since,the scratch is from the summoned spirit of a cat,you might be unfamiliar about the type of wound

4.How serious is a cat scratch?

a.The cat scratch can be fatal depending on the situation,and sometimes it can lead to severe infection.


Cat scratch game is not that harmful as compared with that of the closet or baby blue or other dangerous paranormal games.Still everything has an exception.The love for playing and experiencing the scare and the spooky things are great adventures to most of the teenagers.So, try it at your own risk.Also,let us know about the outcomes in the comment section,if you already tried this game earlier.
Best wishes.

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