Red door yellow door-Scary mind door game

Red door yellow door game

Red door yellow door:Most of the  scary games can be fun but in case of the popular paranormal game, starting from the Ouija board to less popular one like the Red door yellow door game is the creepiest and spookiest one and is  mostly admirable by the scare lover💀.This game involves 2 player ,a sleepover and a adventuring others mind.
These door game can sometimes be quite harmful and can sometimes even lead to death of the player,red door yellow door is  also included in the top of danger list,so for safety read out the advice guidelines below.
Lets start the game,

What is red door yellow door?

Red door yellow door is a spooky and creepy sleep over paranormal game or the door game, played for entertainment and horrific adventure inside the mind of one player and instructed by the other one.
Red door yellow door game

Alternative name of red door, yellow door game

Based on the place you are playing this game people used to call this game with different name(though the name do involve "door" word ) like the "Door of Mind" ,"The black door", "The white door"

There is a specific reason behind each of the nomencleture in paranormal view.
Door of mind= This game involves unlocking the dark sides or the evils in the mind of one player by the other .

Requirement of the game:

1. A pillow
2. A quite room,with dimlight or no light at all.

Number of player involved in this door game

Minimum number of player required for this game ,must be 2 .Where as more number of persons can join this game too,but they wont get any role as such.

How to play this Red door yellow door game:

The playing guideline of this game is quite simple but the outcomes can be quite scary,in certain situation can even lead to death.

This game revolve around two player mainly ,
Player 1=The guide,he will guide the other player through out the game and also break the game  if the condition get worst.
Player 2=The subject,the main game will actually run in this mind in sleepover.

Step 1:
The player 1(guide)  sit still on the couch with your legs crossed and the pillow on his lap.

Step 2:
With hand raised upward in the air, player 2 will have to lie on  the floor with his head placed on the pillow of provided by player 1 with closed eyes.

Step 3:
At this point  of time ,the player 1(guide) will have to rub the temples of the player 2(the subject) slowely and gently with the index finger or  2 of your fingers of both hands, and clearly chanting "red door"," yellow door" over and over again ,until the visualization takes place in the mind of player 2(the subject)

Step 4:
If the player 2(subject) encounter any room with doors in his mind ,he should give a prominent signal to player 1(the guide) by lowering his hand ,at this point player 1 can stop reciting.


At this point ,player 1 can ask question to player 2 ,the room should be silent except the  voice of the two players.

Possible question to be asked:

Question 1:can you describe the room.
Question 2:how many doors can you see?
Question 3:what are the colour of the door?
Question 4:how do you exactly feel about that door?(I mean are you scared or normal)
These are few  questions you can ask the other player(subject),and the player 2 (subject) must  say the honestly ,whereas player 1(guide) can end the game in no time ,if he faces these dangers ,

Story behind the game

Danger sign of this game,

According to scaryforkids,

  1. If you encounter people in the room, it may be best not to interact with them. They may be evil and try to trick you.
  2. If you find yourself in a room full of clocks, leave immediately. Clocks can trap you.
  3. You can go wherever you want, but it is safer to go up than down.
  4. Light things and light colors tend to be better than dark things and dark colors.
  5. If you should find yourself trapped in a room, you must try to wake up. If you don’t, you might be trapped forever.
  6. If you die in the game, you will supposedly die in real life.
  7. If you encounter a man in a suit who makes you uncomfortable, end the game immediately.
  8. If the guide is having a hard time waking the subject from the trance, they should shake them roughly to bring them into wakefulness.

Risk factor:

Red door yellow door game

The vulnerability of this game is quite high ,and will mark it as medium danger level💀 ,though in worst encounter of violation of certain mentioned rules it can even lead to death of the player 2(subject)

Please refer to disclaimer 

Possible theories :

Few people believe this game as point of hypnotize or controlling others mind on the basis of psychology.
While other people believes the dark energy of the evil world summon on the body of the subject giving him visualisation of the dark world and with time can even kill him .

Red door ,yellow door game-story or reality?

As this is a game performed by mostly teenagers for entertainment and the fear factor differ from one person to another  ,so the outcomes may differ too.

But from the internet sources ,it was found to be working paranormal game if you used to do it properly with proper parameters .
Here a proof of this game,

Red door yellow door game

Did you try  ,red door yellow door game before? 
Let us know in the comment section and what are your outcomes.

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