Red door yellow door-Scary mind door game

red door yellow door

Having an adventure of the others mind with some spooky rituals are much attention seeking for the scare lovers.

The red door yellow door or commonly known as the doors of the mind game provide you that scenario. 

This red door games involves 2 player ,a sleepover and  adventuring others mind.

These door game can sometimes be quite harmful and can sometimes even lead to death of the player.

Red door yellow door is  also included in the top of danger list,so for safety read out the advice guidelines below.

Lets start the red door games,

What is red door yellow door?

Red door yellow door game is a spooky and creepy sleep over paranormal game commonly known as the door game. 

Played for entertainment and horrific adventure inside the mind of one player and instructed by the other player.

red door yellow door

How to play this Red door yellow door game:

Requirement of the game:

1. A pillow
2. A quite room,with dimlight or no light at all.

Number of player involved in this door game

Minimum number of player required for this game ,must be 2 .Where as more number of persons can join this game too,but they wont get any role as such.

Doors of the mind game rules:

The playing guideline of this game is quite simple but the outcomes can be quite scary,in certain situation can even lead to death.

This game revolve around two player mainly ,

Player 1=The guide,he will guide the other player through out the game and also break the game  if the condition get worst.

Player 2=The subject,the main game will actually run in this mind in sleepover.

Rules of the doors of the mind game:

The Beginning of the game:

Step 1:
The player 1(guide)  will sit still on the couch with your legs crossed and the pillow on his lap.

Step 2:
With hand raised upward in the air, player 2 will have to lay on  the floor with his head placed on the pillow, provided by player 1 with closed eyes.

Step 3:
At this point  of time ,the player 1(guide) will have to rub the temples of the player 2(the subject) slowely and gently with the index finger or  2 of your fingers of both hands, and clearly chant "red door"," yellow door" over and over again ,until the visualization takes place in the mind of player 2(the subject)

Step 4:
If the player 2(subject) encounter any room with doors in his mind or get connected to any creepy or spooky imaginary world ,he/she should give a prominent signal to player 1(the guide) by lowering his hand ,at this point player 1 can stop reciting.

The Outcomes of the game:

Step 5:
At this point ,player 1(guide) can ask question to player 2(subject) ,the room should be silent except the  voice of the two players.

Possible question to be asked:

Question 1:can you describe the room.

Question 2:how many doors can you see?

Question 3:what are the colour of the door?

Question 4:how do you exactly feel about that door?(I mean are you scared or normal)
These are few  questions Guide can ask to the subject,and the player 2 (subject) must  say it honestly ,whereas player 1(guide) can end the game in no time ,if he/she faces the dangers,given below:

  • In this mind game,you may encounter stranger people who will wave their hand at you in that paranormal world,which may seems you to be knowing them from reality,but they are not,it recomended not to wave them back,they may try to harm you.
  • If you entered a room with a single clock in it,then it will be fine but if suddenly you moved on a room with too many clocks in it,You must run out of that room as fast as you can.As clock or time runs in a reccuring form( e.g. 12-6 and 6-12).Similarly ,like the angle of clocks, you may get trapped in that room and cannot escape.(If you leave that room, you will again find yourself in that same room)
  • Its recomended to avoid stairs mostly,but if you still want to go in stairs, go up and avoid going down at any cost.(if you go down,you will tend to go down in a non ending stair cases)
  • It is known from the reddit source ,that light colours are more safer than darker colour or doors.But according to me and certain encounter proof found in the internet,all doors are dangerous,donot open random door(either dark or light)
  • Avoid any man wearing black suit,with black had,and red scary eyes ,in that paranormal world,it is heard,he is a sign of evil
  • Just remember you have to keep yourself alive in your mind,or you might die in real world if you die in that paranormal world of your mind.
  • In case if you sense any danger in that paranormal world,your only escape plan is to make yourelf awake or give an signal to your guide to make you awake.
The ending the game:

Step 6:
Player 1(guide) can end this game,at any time.He/she may end the game after:
  • Both the players are satisfied playing the game for enough time, or
  • If Player 2(subject) faces any danger mentioned above in that creepy imaginary world.
Step 7:
Player 1(guide) can end this game, by waking up,player 2(subject) by shaking him/her roughly, till he/she get up and break the connection from the spooky world in his/her mind.

Alternative name of red door, yellow door game

Based on the place you are playing this game people used to call this game with different name(though the name do involve "door" word ) like the "Door of Mind" ,"The black door", "The white door"

There is a specific reason behind each of the nomencleture in paranormal view.

Door of mind= This game involves unlocking the dark sides or the evils in the mind of one player by the other .

Risk factor:

The vulnerability of this game is quite high ,and will mark it as medium danger level💀 .

Though in worst encounter of violation of certain mentioned rules it can even lead to death of the player 2(subject)

Possible theories :Yellow door,Red door

Few people believe this game as point of hypnotize or controlling others mind on the basis of red door yellow door psychologist.

While other people believes the dark energy of the evil world summon on the body of the subject giving him visualisation of the dark world and with time can even kill him .

To other certain theories,every people have some evil side hidden deep in his/mind, and through this game ,that evil side is enlightened by the other player.

Red door yellow door experiences

I’ve continually loved paranormal stuff. bizarre video games that freak you out, paranormal films and testimonies. 

Now not that i believed any of them. I always hoped some of them had been real, however maximum of them had been scary enough that I misplaced sleep.

By and large myth, however I’ve were given one about a touch woman and her “friend”. anyway, I’ve performed a few paranormal games.

 “The lady inside the Tower,” “Cat Scratches,” and a Ouija-like sport concerning a jap spirit. None will scare me greater than “Red Door, Yellow Door,” though.

Red Door, Yellow Door” is a game wherein one character lays at the floor and places their fingers up in a zombie-like fashion.

 They near their eyes and wait, while the leader places their fingers on their forehead. Then, the chief slowly rubs their arms around the scenario’s brow in little circles. 

They quietly chant, “crimson door, yellow door, each other coloration door.” the chant can variety depending on wherein you found the instructions. 

Then, once they get dizzy, the difficulty locations their fingers down.
Now I provide an reason for the motive of the game.

 The purpose this sport exists is to delve deep into your mind. There’s actually no cause apart from that. 

We in no way took it significantly. Of route, if you have despair, or some other intellectual sickness, it’s a terrible concept. 

This recreation is designed specially to interrupt down walls in your thoughts that in any other case cage evil and awful mind.

Now which you understand the reason, you must realize some of the caution symptoms and signs that a few issue goes wrong. 

If the man or woman starts offevolved offevolved breathing intently, ruin them out of the trance. you need to try this via lightly slapping their face and telling them to evoke.

 If this isn’t running, you’re normally screwed. there may be no way to stress them out of the trance. You simply must wait it out and manually steer them out of there.

Then, there are some risks of playing. Supposedly, you can virtually die in real existence. some techniques this can take place:

If there's someone in a healthy, get out of there. He can kill you.

 There are some variations wherein if he has a effective kind of tie, he's actually there to assist.
in case you get trapped in a water chamber, you die.

There are some unique tactics to die, however i'm able to’t remember them. anyway, you get the jist of the manner to start and a few dangers. 

Now right right here’s the manner to play:
Ask the problem what they see. if they see no doorways, get them out. if they do see doors, ask them what shades the doorways are. 

When they respond, ask them how that makes them enjoy. If it is a negative feeling, both get them out or inform them to go to each other door. 

Repeat this system. If it’s an exceptional feeling, inform them to move in. Ask them what they see. If it’s concrete with holes across the pinnacle, get them out. 

That’s a water room. There one of a kind rooms, however I received’t go into that. if you want more details, without a doubt look up “red Door, Yellow Door”.

My first time playing RDYD, not anything exciting occurred. I encountered the healthful guy, however he didn’t do some thing. 

My other pals didn’t have some thing thrilling either. every body moved on. rapid ahead a yr or so that you can this very three hundred and sixty five days. 

Me and one among my buddies from before have been hanging out with a terrific friend. we are able to call them L and T. 

Now, me and L, the only from before, mentioned to T that we had finished some horrifying games, and we commenced messing round. First, we performed Cat Scratches. 

If you do it right, the priority may additionally have lengthy, crimson scratches on their decrease again. 

We did this to T first, and then I did it to reveal that it without a doubt worked. We every had long scratches for a few minutes, and then they dwindled.

Then she knowledgeable us to offer her the extremely good we had. The scariest game, this is. 

We agreed, and instructed her what to do. L wanted to be the leader, so I sat down next to T. She put her arms down after about twenty seconds, that is lengthy. 

L asked her what she saw. She said a hallway complete of doorways. 

He recommended her to technique the door at the left. He requested her what coloration it become. 

She stated that it emerge as orange-yellow. He requested how it made her experience. She stated that it made her enjoy proper. 

He advised her to enter. He requested her what she noticed. She said that it became a sunset, over a non violent, beautiful meadow. 

He asked her what she felt. She stated that she felt calm. Then L requested her if there were some other doors within the room.

That’s whilst things went straight away to hell.

T said positive. L seemed slightly pressured. He said ok, and asked what colour the door turn out to be. 

She stated that it turned into white. He requested her how she felt, and she or he or he said that she wasn’t high-quality. 

He informed her to head in.

He requested her what she noticed. She stated that there was a man in the front of her. He asked if he changed into in a match, and she or he said sure. 

We in short argued approximately tie shade, and sooner or later agreed that she should depart. L cautioned her to move away. 

She stated that there has been no door.

At that aspect, my blood ran bloodless. We wildly attempted to persuade her that there has been one, but it didn’t artwork. 

She said that the character modified into moving towards her. Failing the door preference, L attempted slapping her lightly, however no success. 

We began panicking, and she or he or he began getting scared. I informed her that there has been a weapon beside her, a gun, a knife some thing, and she had to kill the man or woman. 

She suddenly said that she couldn’t, that his face changed into that of her dad.
L turn out to be on the point of tears now, and i was feeling uneasy. 

I informed her to look around for a door over again, and she said that there was. Feeling comfort, I advised her to run. L changed into in tears now.
T opened her eyes.

you'll assume that that have become the forestall, right?
properly, lamentably that’s no longer pretty it. 

L and I were relieved, but i was the first to notice that something come to be wrong. T have become sitting towards the wall, her face buried in her knees.

 I asked what became incorrect, and she or he said she changed into in a fort.
I realized then that the game come to be no longer over but. I asked what she noticed. 

My buddy called for his dad, however I shushed him. This wasn’t the extremely good concept, however I felt that an unusual face would only serve to scare T extra. 

L emerge as crying extra difficult now, however he remained instead calm. 

I asked again what T noticed, but she commenced babbling, pronouncing that lifestyles wasn’t nicely really worth living and that she have become scared and that she became in a cage and WHY DID I entice HER here and he or she was crying too now, 

but she emerge as shaking and rocking back and forth. i used to be on the point of crying too now, and i provided my hand to her but she stated, “DON’T touch ME!” and that i blanched.

 I desperately requested her in which she have become and he or she said that she became out now, but her and L were though crying, and L’s dad came down and stated that we've to call her mother and father and get her home.

I known as my mother, who have become also on the town, and had her choose me up.

the ethical is that mental limitations exist, and don’t smash them down, because of the reality matters can flow very wrong very quickly.

The secondary moral is to be cautious, and don’t mess with the mystical. no longer anything right comes of it.

Red door ,yellow door game-story or reality?

As this is a game performed by mostly teenagers for entertainment and the fear factor differ from one person to another  ,so the outcomes may differ too.

But from the internet sources ,it was found to be working paranormal game if you used to do it properly with proper parameters .

Here a proof of this game,

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do we end this door game?And how do we play it xd?

To end this door game, the subject should(player 2) should waked up,as soon as there is any sign of danger.
To play this games there are some simple rules,
This will involve two player,one will rub the temple of the other player who led down still on the couch, and rubbing his temples and chanting a spooky chants, and guiding him through the creepy world in his mind.

2.Door game not working?

One possible reason for not working of this paranormal game can be lack of the fear factors.

3. Can you die from playing red door yellow door?

According to the rules and guidelines of this game, there is a possibility if you may die in the game in worst cases.

But still today, no report of such cases has not been found in the internet.

4. What does red door yellow door mean?

Red door yellow door mean a paranormal sleepover game also known by the name of doors of mind game , or black door game.

It is common among the tiktokers, youtubers and teenagers mostly.

5. What are the rules of the red door yellow door?

One will lie down and the other will chant a spell, and them he will explore the mind of the by asking questions.

6. What happens if red door yellow door doesn't work?

There is no harm if it doesnot work. Maybe the reason behind the not working of the game can be lack of fear factor, breaking of rules and many more.


The red door yellow door,is a common sleepover game among the teenagers,its true but the real danger is beyond this red door games.

Certain  paranormal theories to pointing towards this game,though have lots of controversies in them,but in reality it seems to be true in many places.

Scary games has its own charm,but trying to attempt it is quite risk,so it would be beneficial for you,to just read it and enjoy it,if you wanna try,try at at your own risk.

Further if are the one who have already experienced this game earlier,kindly let me know in the comment section.

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