Scary text messages to freak one out

 Frequent scary text messages, the majority do no longer adore it while a person sends them a stressful textual content. 

A few freak out to the volume that they can't live on their own in a room. despite the fact that the texts are frightening, you may use them to prank your friends for amusing. 

Do you realize any frightening scary text messages thoughts to apply to your buddies?

scary text messages

I wager you've got been lacking out a variety of amusing when you have no longer attempted to ship a horror and creepy text messages to your pals. keep in mind, lifestyles must be amusing. 

In different phrases, do not be an uneventful buddy. How do you cross approximately it? nicely, you may borrow thoughts from a creepy actual tale you realize or have study someplace. higher but, you may choose one from the list

under are realistic horrifying creepy text message ideas drawn from specific horror events. they may be not handiest scary but also fun. 

Scary text messages to send someone to scare them

  • nobody can see them, however they have been looking us for a long term now. i'm scared you're subsequent…
  • human beings come right proper here for ache! For  struggling! And i'm the only one who gives it to them!
  • you haven't any right for your very personal existence, and if you attempt to go away from me, i will kill you so no individual else can have you ever.
  • remaining night time I  dreamt that my eyes fell out! inform me what that is all approximately!
  •  A lady have become taking walks inside the woodland, and she  disappeared no longer to be decided by using the usage of every body. Now which you have study this article, she will be able to seem for your reflect and kill you due to the fact she is hungry. She will kill you
  •  If I don’t make it thru this, inform my spouse I want her to be buried alive with me. i will stand the loneliness in the grave by myself.
  • i am wondering how pretty you may appearance in a casket with all of your circle of relatives weeping and sobbing.
  • Welcome to my nightmare. I assume you will find it irresistible.
  • hello [name of your friend]? i've usually had a strong urge to dig my palms into a person’s eye sockets. I in the end located I must begin with you!
  • those horror tale thoughts will leave your buddies scared to the middle. however, keep in mind to tell them it's far a prank. in any other case, put together for excessive ear pinching and rebuking the subsequent time you meet
  •  so that you recognize, I wrote your name on my leg with a discipline cutter, so i'm able to typically have you close to me.
  •  I realize you think i'm your buddy right now, however i'm not! I opened her stomach by using knife and I killed her now I'm using her mobile.
  • Do you know what's the scariest thing? When you hug your teddy bear and suddenly teddy bear hug uh tightly omg I already threw my teddy bear
  • Did  that in case you awaken among one and four am for no purpose, there may be an eighty percentage risk that a person became watching you?
  •  Be cautious these days. in case you are in mattress and your legs begin feeling itchy, it approach a ghost is passing through you. It has came about to a circle of relatives pal proper now. do not flip round in case you be aware the itch.
  • Sorry i've been maintaining a mystery from you for a long term. i've a mystery on how a bathroom paper may be used to kill. I simply killed her!
  • Falling asleep at night time at the same time as the moonlight is shining to your face can bring about loss of life. believe he neglected it, now he is not any greater!
  • Stare within the darkish for ten mins with out blinking, and you may in the end see a monster hiking your window. I revel in that plenty!
  • That bloodless isn't always because of the climate. this is dying coming near
  • A stranger sent me a crazy video and it was a clown dancing in a room and it's I'm so afraid because it was your bedroom
  • there is killer in your area so lock your doors be safe 
  •   do you know dogs and cats can see spiritual things if you're cat/dog staring at outside it means there have something spiritual things
  •  do you know if you whistle at night it means you inviting ghost to enter your house

Story of Gina

There was a girl her name is Gina one day she ran away with her boyfriend she saw some message that was ' I know you but you don't know me  I will find you , you are in Forest ' So after that message however Gina dead so forward this message for 10 people if you ignore this message same thing will happen with you...

Story of Tina

There was a girl her name is Tina one day she went to forest to find her dog. But unfortunately a man with Black suit killed her n let the dog to eat her body. If you ignored this message she will come to you at night then she will stab you and kill you so forward this message to 15 people

I was not pretty enough

Story of Lauren

There was a girl her name is Lauren one day she went to the forest and she was disappeared nobody can ever found her but there was a one girl she found her dead body and there was a marked on her chest it says ' I'm not pretty enough ' now forward this message to your friends or else at midnight she will come to you and kill you be safe..

Hope you enjoyed this scary text  messages or we can say creepy text messages to be more specific and the stories.

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